I adore music. I've collaborated with some great bands around San Francisco and filmed countless live shows.

seablite "Ink Bleeds" Official Music Video  

New 7” “Breadcrumbs” b/w “Ink Bleeds” out now on Emotional Response Records.

Director / Director of Photography (miniatures) / Editor: Jenn Heard
Director of Photography (band): Kevin Wood
Equipment: Brian Jackson
Miniatures supplied by: itty bitty mini (m)art
Song: seablite

seablite 'Breadcrumbs"  Official Music Video  

New 7” “Breadcrumbs” b/w “Ink Bleeds” out now on Emotional Response records.

Director / Editor: Jenn Heard
Director of Photography: Kevin Wood / Brian Jackson
Production Assistant: Helena Antonowitsch
Song: seablite

seablite "There Were Only Shadows" (Official Music Video)  

"There Were Only Shadows"
Album: Grass Stains and Novocaine
Label: Emotional Response
Director: Jenn Heard

"The Boy From Leeds" - The Younger Lovers (Music Video)  

Band: The Younger Lovers
Song: "The Boy From Leeds"
Label: Southpaw Records
© 2012
Director of Photography: Jenn Dorn
Editor: Jenn Dorn
Colorist: Kent Pritchett
Effects: Greg Gilmore
Titles: Nick Haynes
Locations: The Smell, SFO Virgin Airlines Terminal 2, and LAX

Neutrals: Personal Computing [Official Music Video]  

Band: Neutrals
Song: Personal Computing
Label: Slumberland Records
Director: Jenn Heard

Seablite "Time is Weird" Official Music Video  

"Time is Weird"
Album: Grass Stains and Novocaine
Label: Emotional Response
Director / Editor: Jenn Heard
Director of Photography: Nicole Salmeri and Brandy Troxler
Set Art Director / Prop Master: Morgan Farrell
Production Assistant: Mena Kuchi
Color / Finish: Eric Pascua
Special Effects: Andrew Bogenhagen
Seablite Toy Art / Titles: Galine Tumasova

The Younger Lovers // "Tight Fade" // 2020 Edit  

Song: Tight Fade
Band: The Younger Lovers
Label: South Paw Records
Director: Brontez Purnell
D.P.: Jenn Heard
Editor: Jenn Heard

"Longform" - The Dodos (Official Music Video)  

Band: The Dodos
Song: Longform
Label: Frenchkiss Records
Directed by Jenn Dorn
Shot by Brandon Moore and Mike Solidum
Edited by Jenn Dorn
Color by Daniel Heard
Produced by Jenn Dorn
A.D. Brandon Moore
Actress: Veronica Pavia

The Younger Lovers "Tight Fade" [Official Music Video]  

The Younger Lovers
"Tight Fade"
Young Brothers
Southpaw Records

Video made by Jenn Heard

"I Want It (Your Love)" - Dirty Cupcakes (Music Video)  

Director: Jenn Dorn
Editor/DP: Kevin Jardin
Art Director: Lauren Matsui

"White Dove"  

Band: Sleepy Sun
Song: White Dove
Album: Embrace
Label: ATP Recordings

Directed by Jenn Dorn
Shot by Mike Solidum and Jenn Dorn
Edited by J Cuts
Animation: sampled from "Sun Flight (1961)" with permission by Gerald McDermott.

Sleepy Sun Backstage Duet  

Sleepy Sun
Embrace CD Release Party
Great American Music Hall
San Francisco
June 19, 2009

Backstage with 1/3 of Sleepy Sun. The song is Duet With the Northern Sky.

Seun Kuti & Egypt 80: "Think Afrika"  

Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 live at Stern Grove in San Francisco, CA, 2008.

Directed by Craig Abaya
Shot by an eight-camera crew
Edited by Jenn Dorn
Property of Stern Grove Music Festival.

Ghost & Gale - "Take Me To The Fire (live)"  

Ghost and Gale "Take Me To The Fire (live)"
Ocean Beach, San Francisco, CA.
February 12, 2012.
Field Recording and Mix by Brad Dollar, Rick Vargas, and Mike McGinn.
Filming, Editing, Coloring by Jenn Dorn.

Adonisaurus - Head in the Clouds - Music Video  

Directed by: danyol

Produced by:
Derek Schmidt & danyol

Filmed and Edited by:
Jenn Dorn

Production Assistants
Dana Hopkins, Bill Baker
& Christraper Mika

Gnome : Brian Whitty

Druids : Jon Levy &
Geoffrey Moses

Unicorn : Kevin Seaman

Special thanks to:
Land's End, Dolores Park,
Daniel Heard
and Derek's famous chili.